Rejection Can Open Doors Too

Good can come from bad; I have seen it myself. As a young professional I must have the mindset to always believe in what I can offer a company because not everyone else will. Rejection is first nature to any newbie in an industry and it is a big pill you must learn to swallow. Rather than feeling the lump in your throat, why not swallow that pill with a big glass of water?

Everyone deals with rejection of some sort, but not everyone learns the benefits from the situation. Fresh out of school and into the job market, many of us find out the hard way that companies are not waiting around to recruit new employees. It is in our hands to rise above the competition to demonstrate that you are the most qualified and eligible candidate the company is likely to find.

I have found that, rather than dwelling on the negativity of a situation, it is best to find what opportunity is hidden.  If someone doubts your ability, rather than being defensive ask yourself why they would doubt you? Is there anything you should work on? Does this criticism trigger an idea or the pursuit of bettering yourself in some way? If so, there is opportunity to better your craft and look further into a skill you may lack or knowledge you may need to gain.

Never think for a second that someone is criticizing you or rejecting you because you are any less than what you think you are worth. One of the most vital lessons of being turned down from a job position or other endeavor is to encourage you to take a moment to reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what you want to do. Find ways to utilize your strengths to overcome your weaknesses and to acquire tips and tools to better yourself in areas you may lack.

Some of the most successful people claim that they are thankful for many of their rejections and “doors-in-the-face” because, without them, they would not be where they are today.  People may tell you “no” where you wish there was a “yes,” but hours, days, maybe even years later you may want to thank that person for ruining your day so long ago that led you to the position you always wanted.

Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself and where you want to be and your journey of life will take you there.  Turn “no” into a friendly word and smile even when faced with silence instead of a wanted response. Rejection will build your character and show you what you don’t want.

-Erica Glotfelty

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More Than You Can Bare

Today’s blog discusses balance. It’s created for everyone but specifically targets college students. Balance is one of the most important talents you need to have as a young adult transitioning into the real world. Without balance you will fall. It is important to have balance when managing multiple tasks. Word to the wise “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”. Often times I find myself involved in so many things that I can easily forget or neglect other priorities that are crucial to my success. The best way to balance everything going on in your life is organization, time management, and dedication.

Organization is the greatest quality to possess. When organized, it is easy to maintain your schedule and keep track of everything that is your responsibility. Keeping a simple calendar tells you where you need to be, what’s due on a certain date, and the upcoming events you need to prepare for.

Time management is also a quality that you must possess in order to balance your task. Spending too much time on one of your many tasks and ultimately neglecting your other responsibilities will be your hindering factor in becoming a well-balanced young adult. When you’re trying to juggle numerous tasks you have to make sure that you’re equally spreading your time and attention to each task. For example, having more than one child requires you to show equal attention, not neglecting one or the other, to both children.

Dedication is the last part but ultimately the essential key. Without dedication organization and time management wouldn’t be effect. Dedication is the drive that pushes you to continue. Mistakes will be made and sometime you may come up short but with dedication to your craft there’s nowhere to go but up.

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The Vital Role of Digital Marketing

I recently read an article from the New York Times that put into perspective the amount of digital marketing that is occurring on a daily basis. Rather than the traditional magazine ad or billboard, the internet has been utilized through social media sites to build brand awareness. This awareness has been measured by a click on your keyboard. Further research shows these measurements show failure.

Advertising has become more about digital, mobile and social media, underscoring how they have become fundamental ways of selling goods and services.

Facebook wants to change advertisers’ minds about depending on measurements like clicks to determine the success of campaigns on Their goal is to have advertisers perceive the social network more as a medium like television for branded advertising. When an ad campaign has been run in the last five years the focus was on clicks, but demand fulfillment is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. Facebook wants to provide a solution for the brand marketers of the world.

Facebook conducted a study that measured in-store purchases. Fifty campaigns on Facebook were measured. When purchase data from stores was combined with data about ad impressions on Facebook, the study found that 70 percent of the campaigns enjoyed three times greater return on their budgets, and 99 percent of the sales came from consumers who did not interact with the Facebook ads.

Twitter has data about the relationships people have with brands on Twitter. Nine out of 10 people on Twitter follow at least one brand. Although most said they did so for promotions, coupons and free products, 87 percent said they followed brands for fun and entertainment and 80 percent said they did so for access to exclusive content. Most interesting was the connection between Twitter posts and television commercials. 50 percent of people who use Twitter do so while watching TV. Does this mean that consumers are tweeting about what they see one TV?

What is the next big thing in social media? No one knows and anybody who says they do is making it up.

 -Erica Glotfelty

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PR Cafe: Which Cities Are Best For PR Pros

Do you know which cities are the best for PR pros to work? Check out which tips we dished out during last week’s chat:

1: NEVER be discouraged. If you want to be in a certain city, do the work to make it happen. #PRCafe

2: Don’t be afraid of the competition, welcome it. When it comes to PR, there is competition in every city.#PRCafe

3: Research! Is this city really the best one for you and your business? Like, we said earlier- see what your city has first! #PRCafe

4: Look into relocation guides for general purposes. Almost every city has a website for relocating to the area. #PRCafe

5: If you want to relocate, create a plan and stick to it! #PRCafe

6: Push forward with your plans to move to the city of your choice. Don’t give up! #PRCafe

[View the transcipt for last week’s “PR Cafe- Which Cities are Best for PR Pros”]

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Mitt Romney- Crises Management Gone Wrong

When a recording leaked about GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks leaked, they spread like wild fire. The comments, made at a private fundraiser in May, addressed “47 percent” of Americans who Romney stated are “dependent on the government” and feel “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” Across the nation Romney was criticized for being out of touch with American voters.

But this isn’t Romney’s first faux pas when addressing the issues plaguing the economic well-being of the American people. Earlier this year at a speech at Ohio’s Otterbein University Romney advised students to “borrow money from your parents,” to start a business.

In an crises management attempt to clean up his 47 percent comment, Romney released a statement saying is initial remarks were misinterpreted and “completely wrong.” News stations, newspapers and blog sites across the country picked up his statement. It seemed that along with a pretty solid stance on the first presidential debate, that Romney might be in the clear… well almost.

So many articles flared with headlines connecting Romney with the phrase “completely wrong,” that Google’s SEO technology created an association between them which prompts a google image search of Mitt Romney’s picture along with the phrase “completely wrong” in Google. It looks like this crisis management situation will not be averted anytime soon.

-Krishana Davis

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PR in Homecoming?

College Homecomings around the country are known for their week long festivities that bring life to campuses after a draining period of midterms. Students find release in pep rallies, football games, concerts, the whole nine yards. As a senior in college, I know the all too well line up of Coronation, fashion shows, dances, and everything else leading up to the anticipated Homecoming Concert and football game. It’s exciting to try and guess which famous celebrities or entertainers your school was able to get for a performance or appearance. As my fourth homecoming and also my final year as a public relation major, it has been interesting to see just how much Public relations work is put into College Homecomings that we as students don’t even realize.

Homecoming is a way to bring a college or university together and make sure that as many students as possible are enjoying what the Student Government has planned. Here are some of the PR aspects implemented into planning a Homecoming:

Target Audience- After speaking to some of my friends in the Student Government Association, it is important to keep in mind that EVERYONE CANNOT BE PLEASED when it comes to Homecoming. It is impossible to make a week of events that everyone will agree with because it’s hard to please thousands of people who are all different in some way. Instead look at the schools target audience. What is the majority of age, ethnicity, gender, class, etc of the schools population? Who exactly do you want or plan on attending and participating in Homecoming events? This will help start the preparation process.

Advertising- Even though advertising is its own path in the communication field; it is strongly connected to public relations. Take a second to sit back and think about just how many ways a school advertises for its homecoming. There’s social media of course (twitter, facebook, instagram), handbills and flyers are printed, give away are purchased, and just about any outlet you could think of is used to spread the word about homecoming.

Budgeting- As many people in the PR industry know, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know what kind of budget you are working with. This means booking performers who won’t cost your school about 5years of debt!!!! So as much as we may want the Jay Z’s and Beyoncès of the industry, it is safe to say there charging rate may be a little bit more than most schools are willing to pay. Distributing money wisely is important in an event planning or event coordinating position in pr.

Yes, fellow students it’s that time of year again! I just hope we as students realize how much work (and pr work at that) go into planning a Homecoming and we give our peers a break when our favorite band isn’t booked for the concert. Most importantly don’t forget PR IS EVERYWHERE!!!


-Teneshia Smith


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PR Cafe: How to Gain Clients for Your Business

How do you find the right client? When you find that ideal client, how do you keep them? Yesterday we addressed these questions and more as we discussed How to Gain New Clients for Your Business during our weekly PR Cafe chat.

Participants had a chance to share their practices and suggest new ideas for other companies.

@IdealPublicity One needs to do their research prior to meeting with or soliciting clients. Educate yourself!#PRCafe

@Jasmine_PR A free hr consult/offer can bring clients in, but u want to be careful not to give away TOO much so they run w yur ideas #PRCafe

RT @ItsMeLMG: A4: Chemistry is also important. Client/PR relationships are like marriages & the two parties have to mesh well. #PRCafe


Check out the transcript from yesterday’s chat

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