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From Jeans and Trousers, to Backpacks and Bags

As a young professional, not only is there a priority of style but most of us are on the search to find current trends and the latest pieces at affordable prices. When entering the workforce one thing on our minds … Continue reading

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Rejection Can Open Doors Too

Good can come from bad; I have seen it myself. As a young professional I must have the mindset to always believe in what I can offer a company because not everyone else will. Rejection is first nature to any … Continue reading

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More Than You Can Bare

Today’s blog discusses balance. It’s created for everyone but specifically targets college students. Balance is one of the most important talents you need to have as a young adult transitioning into the real world. Without balance you will fall. It is … Continue reading

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How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

We have discussed how appearance affects your personal brand, but what about your online presence? It is just as important, if not more important! In the digital age we live in, our online personalities have become a big part of … Continue reading

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How To Dress For Success

When you walk into a room it only takes seconds before those around you begin to notice the most intimate details of your overall appearance. Although the smallest details seem so minute at the time, it is those small changes … Continue reading

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Branding Your Brand, Is Branding Yourself

As a publicist and other jobs in the public relations field we know the great importance of branding. As you gain clients it is vital to discover what their brand is, how it’s being perceived, and what changes need to … Continue reading

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What’s In A Name

Ideal Publicity, the perfect name to describe an agency that offers services to clients in order to create publicity and help develop and grow any brand. We’ve gotten so many positive responses on our company name, but the name that … Continue reading

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