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Rejection Can Open Doors Too

Good can come from bad; I have seen it myself. As a young professional I must have the mindset to always believe in what I can offer a company because not everyone else will. Rejection is first nature to any … Continue reading

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Realizing Your Dreams

Realizing what you have always dreamed of becoming and making that step can be frightening at times. However, sitting down and putting off making that first step constantly will get you nowhere. Listen to your inner self deep within and … Continue reading

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Surround Yourself With Positivity!

When trying to accomplish anything you want to get it done to the best of your ability and in a timely manner but sometimes you may be surrounded by the wrong types of energy to accomplish your goals. Everyone has … Continue reading

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The Key To Staying On Track

As a sophomore in college I would say my plate is pretty full. I work at my schools newspaper, radio station and television studio while at the same time I have started this internship at Ideal Publicity. Sometimes the days … Continue reading

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Passion, Faith, and Perseverance

I don’t view PR as a career path I just happened to fall into; I see it more as what I was placed on earth to do. Anyone who asks me about public relations and why I chose to enter … Continue reading

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Passionate? Why wait…

As fulfilling as my college experience was, if I could go back and change certain things I definitely would. Even with a resume full of internships, leadership in school activities, and excellent academics, I wish someone would have sat me … Continue reading

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