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Seize the Moment

I’ve decided to focus my attention on reality TV stars and branding for today’s blog topic. I have recently watched the explosion of some people’s career from reality shows and I’ve also watched these shows affect a career negatively. Personally … Continue reading

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Telling Your Company’s Story

Let’s face it, every company has a story! From the good to the bad or downright ugly, company’s stories will tell you exactly what that company is what they stand for.  So how exactly does a company tell a story … Continue reading

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PR Cafe: Brand Investment And Why It’s Important

When you hire a PR firm, they are the second most important entity that will represent your brand. Right behind you. #PRCafe Yesterday’s PR Cafe discussed the importance of brand investment for businesses. Follow the conversation here.

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What You Need to Know to be Effective for Your Hospitality Clients

This week’s PR café discusses restaurant PR so I thought it would be perfect to blog about restaurant PR. Now, I have found that many small restaurants have some of the best tasting food but don’t profit a lot and … Continue reading

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Conflict styles and Communication

In both personal and professional settings, conflicts arise and may hinder progression and growth!!! Conflict styles are the way people handle different situations whether good, bad, or indifferent. One should know how to communicate through conflict and the styles of … Continue reading

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From Jeans and Trousers, to Backpacks and Bags

As a young professional, not only is there a priority of style but most of us are on the search to find current trends and the latest pieces at affordable prices. When entering the workforce one thing on our minds … Continue reading

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Healthy Hair Habits and the ADs that Support Them

Whelp Folks it’s that time of year again!  As much as I love fall and winter seasons, I have to admit this time of year can be challenging when it comes to HAIR!! No matter what kind of hair you … Continue reading

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