Telling Your Company’s Story

corporate story

Let’s face it, every company has a story! From the good to the bad or downright ugly, company’s stories will tell you exactly what that company is what they stand for.  So how exactly does a company tell a story to its audience so it’s interesting and really gets their message across? Here are some tips for making your companies story a good one.

1. A Strong Website–  Today’s media savvy generation are fast to online shop, Google the answer to a question, and even look for a career right from their desktop.  A company must keep up with their website in order to attract possible thousands of web viewers a day.  Make sure the website really represents who you are as a company.  The content, navigation, and look of your website must be intriguing to keep people coming back!

2.  Visualizations- Each company or business has its own logo, trademark, slogan, or catchy phrase that when someone sees or hears it knows automatically what company it is.  Choose a logo fit for your business that is easy to remember and can really connect to the business your company offers.

3. It’s All About The Color Scheme- In addition to creating a logo, a strong color scheme should be decided for your company.  These will be the two or three color combinations used throughout your business that will evoke a particular emotion in your audience.  Do your research to see what emotion each color represents.

4. Physical Appearance- YOU are a huge representation of your company as well.  When in meetings or handling professional company business, look presentable and polished!  You are a walking representation of your company and represent the face behind the operation.  If you aren’t put together, chances are people may not invest time in getting to know your company.

These are just a few tips to telling your corporate story! Remember every story is different so stay true to who you are and making sure a piece of yourself is etched into your company’s storyline.  Hopefully these tips will help make your companies story a good one!

– Teneshia Smith

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