What You Need to Know to be Effective for Your Hospitality Clients

This week’s PR café discusses restaurant PR so I thought it would be perfect to blog about restaurant PR. Now, I have found that many small restaurants have some of the best tasting food but don’t profit a lot and eventually end up closing. I contribute their demise to the lack of public relations tactics. I believe that no matter how good your food is, it takes a savvy PR practitioner and strategy to get you a client base and customers. It’s easy to say that your restaurant failed because of the economy but the reality is that your strategies and planning for your company weren’t sufficient. This is where the PR practitioner comes in. A public relations person offers great advice and tactics to get your business running effectively.

As a practitioner, we know what people want and like, we know what attracts people to a business, and we know how to get people in the door. Having a PR person on staff can help bring clients through business promotions, flyers, postal solicitation etc. sometimes small businesses neglect to hire PR pros because they feel they don’t need them. Small, alone standing, restaurants believe that it’s over the top to hire someone. But, it can be beneficial to a small business to have a public relations practitioner to attract those demographics that weren’t initially targeted. It is the job of the PR person to bring in as many paying customers as they can.

Practitioners will discuss new ventures and branding ideas for your restaurant that people want to see. They will create strategies to enhance customer service and soliciting. They’ll create specials and nights for fun to the public participate. This is how you gain regular clients. This only get the public in the door while the service and food “wow’s” them to return. Small businesses like family restraints are also subject to lawsuits and allegations. Public relations practitioner would also be needed in this case to prepare and fix these problems. There are more reasons than one on why to hire public relations practitioner for restaurant pr.

-Jasmine Lucas

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One Response to What You Need to Know to be Effective for Your Hospitality Clients

  1. jeweleel says:

    I completely agree! A great PR practitioner can make the world of difference. It can also be the one thing that has a business running or closed down. I understand that some businesses do not want to spend the money, but in the long run it can save them money. These are some great points! Excellent post!

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