Conflict styles and Communication

In both personal and professional settings, conflicts arise and may hinder progression and growth!!! Conflict styles are the way people handle different situations whether good, bad, or indifferent. One should know how to communicate through conflict and the styles of conflict especially when running a business or organization because internal communication will affect the external! Here are the five different conflict communication styles and tips on improving communication in an organization!

Conflict Communication Styles:

  1. Avoidance- Show’s little concern for your own or others needs. Usually there is little to no verbal communication between employees in order to get the job done. May avoid the situation.
  2. Accommodating – Working to fulfill the needs and meet the requirements of everyone else but your own. Usually means taking on projects alone or putting in most of the effort.
  3. Competition- Looks at every project as a way to win, come out on top, or be right in the situation.
  4. Compromising- Both parties come together however usually both parties needs aren’t met so no one wins in the outcome. Both parties are sacrificing for the greater good of the organization.
  5. Collaboration- Reaching a solution or outcome where all employees are satisfied and all needs are met.

These five conflict styles may appear in an organizational setting and should be handled accordingly. The most effective conflict style is collaboration because the organizations needs are met as well as the employee’s.
When handling conflict in the work place here are three tips to remember

1. Works to make sure everyone’s needs are met- Don’t satisfy others without satisfying yourself. A good work environment means EVERYONE agrees with the outcome.

2. Be aware of both verbal and non verbal communication- Communication is not just what you say but any type of interaction you have with others. Be mindful of body language, face expressions, and any other forms of communication in order to get your point across.

3. Keep an open mind- An organization is made up of more than one person, so try to take into consideration that it is a team effort! Team work makes the dream work!!!!
– Teneshia Smith

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