From Jeans and Trousers, to Backpacks and Bags

As a young professional, not only is there a priority of style but most of us are on the search to find current trends and the latest pieces at affordable prices. When entering the workforce one thing on our minds is what to wear?

Upon graduation many of us find there is a shift in the needs of your wardrobe. We go from waking up and heading to school, to waking up and preparing for interviews, beginning our careers or even continuing an internship. It is important to portray a clean and positive image when going on interviews and also feeling comfortable upon arrival. Making the shift into the professional realm, it is vital as young people we carry ourselves in a professional manner from the way we look to the things we say.

Knowing many of us are entering the workforce and on a limited budget, it is essential to invest in core items that can be interchangeable on a daily basis. Here’s what I suggest you invest in:

  • Pencil skirt– Many of us women want to wear skirts and dresses. As a professional be sure to have a skirt that is the appropriate cut and style for you. You will find this in a pencil skirt.
  • Basic suit– Choose a solid color that is most fitting for your wardrobe or style and invest in a suit. Those pieces will be able to be used together and separately.
  • Blouses- Invest in a variety of tops that can be worn under your suit. Button down tops in a variety of colors; bring in your personality with tops that have added pops of color and interesting cuts.
  • A pair of comfortable heels- These shoes need to get you from point A to point B. They need to be able to be worn for hours upon hours and they need to be functional. I suggest purchasing a basic black or brown that will compliment the rest of your basics.
  • The bag- You need a bag that is accessible for you to bring your resume, samples of your work, presentations or whatever is expected of you. Find one that is stylish and realistic in size.

These are the basics for you to begin your professional wardrobe. With time you will begin to add to your collection. In the meantime, buy these basics and also add small touches of your personality.  Wear a set of earrings that compliment your blouse or a colored heel that follows a current trend. Rediscover yourself in a professional setting and find what works for you.

Check out these blogs to help along the way; they cover the latest trends, provide great suggestions and cover the Do’s and Don’ts of a successful professional wardrobe.

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  3. WorkChic Blog
  4. The WorkingWardrobe
  5. CubicleChic blog

-Erica Glotfelty

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