Rejection Can Open Doors Too

Good can come from bad; I have seen it myself. As a young professional I must have the mindset to always believe in what I can offer a company because not everyone else will. Rejection is first nature to any newbie in an industry and it is a big pill you must learn to swallow. Rather than feeling the lump in your throat, why not swallow that pill with a big glass of water?

Everyone deals with rejection of some sort, but not everyone learns the benefits from the situation. Fresh out of school and into the job market, many of us find out the hard way that companies are not waiting around to recruit new employees. It is in our hands to rise above the competition to demonstrate that you are the most qualified and eligible candidate the company is likely to find.

I have found that, rather than dwelling on the negativity of a situation, it is best to find what opportunity is hidden.  If someone doubts your ability, rather than being defensive ask yourself why they would doubt you? Is there anything you should work on? Does this criticism trigger an idea or the pursuit of bettering yourself in some way? If so, there is opportunity to better your craft and look further into a skill you may lack or knowledge you may need to gain.

Never think for a second that someone is criticizing you or rejecting you because you are any less than what you think you are worth. One of the most vital lessons of being turned down from a job position or other endeavor is to encourage you to take a moment to reevaluate your strengths and weaknesses in order to determine what you want to do. Find ways to utilize your strengths to overcome your weaknesses and to acquire tips and tools to better yourself in areas you may lack.

Some of the most successful people claim that they are thankful for many of their rejections and “doors-in-the-face” because, without them, they would not be where they are today.  People may tell you “no” where you wish there was a “yes,” but hours, days, maybe even years later you may want to thank that person for ruining your day so long ago that led you to the position you always wanted.

Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself and where you want to be and your journey of life will take you there.  Turn “no” into a friendly word and smile even when faced with silence instead of a wanted response. Rejection will build your character and show you what you don’t want.

-Erica Glotfelty

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One Response to Rejection Can Open Doors Too

  1. Thanks for this. I am a career salesperson and I see rejections as feedback so that I can change my act a little in my next meeting. Little by little we find our way to success!

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