More Than You Can Bare

Today’s blog discusses balance. It’s created for everyone but specifically targets college students. Balance is one of the most important talents you need to have as a young adult transitioning into the real world. Without balance you will fall. It is important to have balance when managing multiple tasks. Word to the wise “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”. Often times I find myself involved in so many things that I can easily forget or neglect other priorities that are crucial to my success. The best way to balance everything going on in your life is organization, time management, and dedication.

Organization is the greatest quality to possess. When organized, it is easy to maintain your schedule and keep track of everything that is your responsibility. Keeping a simple calendar tells you where you need to be, what’s due on a certain date, and the upcoming events you need to prepare for.

Time management is also a quality that you must possess in order to balance your task. Spending too much time on one of your many tasks and ultimately neglecting your other responsibilities will be your hindering factor in becoming a well-balanced young adult. When you’re trying to juggle numerous tasks you have to make sure that you’re equally spreading your time and attention to each task. For example, having more than one child requires you to show equal attention, not neglecting one or the other, to both children.

Dedication is the last part but ultimately the essential key. Without dedication organization and time management wouldn’t be effect. Dedication is the drive that pushes you to continue. Mistakes will be made and sometime you may come up short but with dedication to your craft there’s nowhere to go but up.

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