The Vital Role of Digital Marketing

I recently read an article from the New York Times that put into perspective the amount of digital marketing that is occurring on a daily basis. Rather than the traditional magazine ad or billboard, the internet has been utilized through social media sites to build brand awareness. This awareness has been measured by a click on your keyboard. Further research shows these measurements show failure.

Advertising has become more about digital, mobile and social media, underscoring how they have become fundamental ways of selling goods and services.

Facebook wants to change advertisers’ minds about depending on measurements like clicks to determine the success of campaigns on Their goal is to have advertisers perceive the social network more as a medium like television for branded advertising. When an ad campaign has been run in the last five years the focus was on clicks, but demand fulfillment is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. Facebook wants to provide a solution for the brand marketers of the world.

Facebook conducted a study that measured in-store purchases. Fifty campaigns on Facebook were measured. When purchase data from stores was combined with data about ad impressions on Facebook, the study found that 70 percent of the campaigns enjoyed three times greater return on their budgets, and 99 percent of the sales came from consumers who did not interact with the Facebook ads.

Twitter has data about the relationships people have with brands on Twitter. Nine out of 10 people on Twitter follow at least one brand. Although most said they did so for promotions, coupons and free products, 87 percent said they followed brands for fun and entertainment and 80 percent said they did so for access to exclusive content. Most interesting was the connection between Twitter posts and television commercials. 50 percent of people who use Twitter do so while watching TV. Does this mean that consumers are tweeting about what they see one TV?

What is the next big thing in social media? No one knows and anybody who says they do is making it up.

 -Erica Glotfelty

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