PR Cafe: Which Cities Are Best For PR Pros

Do you know which cities are the best for PR pros to work? Check out which tips we dished out during last week’s chat:

1: NEVER be discouraged. If you want to be in a certain city, do the work to make it happen. #PRCafe

2: Don’t be afraid of the competition, welcome it. When it comes to PR, there is competition in every city.#PRCafe

3: Research! Is this city really the best one for you and your business? Like, we said earlier- see what your city has first! #PRCafe

4: Look into relocation guides for general purposes. Almost every city has a website for relocating to the area. #PRCafe

5: If you want to relocate, create a plan and stick to it! #PRCafe

6: Push forward with your plans to move to the city of your choice. Don’t give up! #PRCafe

[View the transcipt for last week’s “PR Cafe- Which Cities are Best for PR Pros”]

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