Mitt Romney- Crises Management Gone Wrong

When a recording leaked about GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s 47 percent remarks leaked, they spread like wild fire. The comments, made at a private fundraiser in May, addressed “47 percent” of Americans who Romney stated are “dependent on the government” and feel “entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.” Across the nation Romney was criticized for being out of touch with American voters.

But this isn’t Romney’s first faux pas when addressing the issues plaguing the economic well-being of the American people. Earlier this year at a speech at Ohio’s Otterbein University Romney advised students to “borrow money from your parents,” to start a business.

In an crises management attempt to clean up his 47 percent comment, Romney released a statement saying is initial remarks were misinterpreted and “completely wrong.” News stations, newspapers and blog sites across the country picked up his statement. It seemed that along with a pretty solid stance on the first presidential debate, that Romney might be in the clear… well almost.

So many articles flared with headlines connecting Romney with the phrase “completely wrong,” that Google’s SEO technology created an association between them which prompts a google image search of Mitt Romney’s picture along with the phrase “completely wrong” in Google. It looks like this crisis management situation will not be averted anytime soon.

-Krishana Davis

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    Ideal Publicity has eloquently projected Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s poor crisis management and whether or not there is a possibility for a turn around. Check out their blog on political crisis management gone “completely wrong”.

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