The Effectiveness of Internships

This week’s blog will focus on the importance of internships. This is a great topic for college students and new graduates. As a college student it is imperative that you get your feet wet in the field you plan on perusing; internships are that pool to dabble in.  Internships are important because they help you gain experience, network, and build your resume.


Experience- Internships are the best tool to help young professionals become familiar with their craft. A book can only teach so much- it gives the basics and explains everything in the politically correct fashion. A book can not teach you how to be great in your field, it can only provide you with the basic fundamentals of your job. Acquiring experience through an internship can give great insight into what life may be like in your particular area of work. Internships are your practice and practice makes perfect!


Networking- Networking is your key to success. The saying “Its not what you know, it’s who you” explains the importance of networking. Many times great candidates for jobs are overlooked, and many times it has to do with who your competitor knows. Networking can aid you in your job search and put you in touch with figures of importance. Very rarely does a connected person go with out a job. Not only can your networking skills help you maneuver through your field but it can also be a potential letter of recommendation. One letter of recommendation from the right person with the right title can ensure a job.


Building your resume- Your resume is like a validation. Internships can help you build your resume. When employers seek to fill their positions they look for individuals who have experience in their field. Your resume is like a passport, it validates everywhere you’ve been and who you’ve worked for. Resumes filled with multiple internships are most likely to be the ones employers take a second look at.

-Jasmine Lucas

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