Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

“We are not entitled to success, we have to earn it”, President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention gives great insight and inspiration to the topic of this blog. Today’s post discusses entrepreneurship and I believe that a portion of President Barack Obama’s speech makes a good point about success. Success is not given, it is earned. It is earned through dedication, consistency, persistence, and organization. Everyone wants to be successful but everyone does not possess the key to becoming successful.

When becoming an effective entrepreneur you must first retain the key factors:

Dedication- Dedicating yourself to your business, company, or craft is imperative when becoming an entrepreneur. Research has proven that people or small businesses that lose focus ultimately fail. Dedication to your particular craft can ensure that your business will prosper.

Consistency- Consistency to your business, company, or craft will determine if your business reaches its full potential. Creating procedures for each task in business will help keep some type of readiness and reliability. Your way of handling situations pertaining to your business, craft, or company can be a defining dynamic of an achievement.

Persistence- Entrepreneurs don’t know anything about giving up. The first time trying something isn’t always the most prosperous time. When starting a business or company many times you will face difficult moments when your plans or strategies don’t work. But persistence is the best way to ensure that the business blossoms.

Organization- No company or business can be expanded without organization. This is one of the most crucial aspects of running a business. In order for a business to run smoothly there must be some type of system in place with heavy emphasis on organization. This will save you the headache of losing track of time to complete task, procedures, and systems to getting work done.

-Jasmine Lucas

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