Effective Social Media

Social media plays a huge role in my life and career. I can appreciate social media networks as a college student and public relations practitioner. It gives me so many opportunities to communicate and network with peers, family, professors, and friends.

Not only can I communicate with a wide range of people, but it is also an excellent outlet to daily news and recent topics in our community. When it comes to my major, the advent of social media is one of the best recent innovations. It gives me the opportunity to effectively reach a mass population in such a small time period.

Social media can be used to build your brand personally and professionally. This outlet is a gateway to information and people that can help advance your career. Not only does it create connections to enhance your brand, but it also makes the public and audience aware that your company exists and services are available.

Social media has many advantages and pros but there are also some negative consequences if not used correctly. When using social media you must be conscience of the things you post and how you’re using the mediums. Always censor the things you tweet because one wrong post can ruin your brand. Also, it is not effective to post a single picture, tagging everyone in it, to communicate or promote. This is not effective because it can misinterpreted as spam and can be overlooked. In this case you want to personalize your post.

Another misconception with social media is the quantity. There are more social networks that exist other than Twitter and Facebook. Depending on the demographics you want to reach, you must use other social outlets.

-Jasmine Lucas

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One Response to Effective Social Media

  1. Thank you for this extremely informative post about effective social media. This shows major points that should be taken into consideration when promoting any type of business or service. We know about the importance of publicity and using the different forms of social media correctly can have a great effect on the business.

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