Get your Creative Juices Flowing

We all know that the mind is a powerful tool, but even the most brilliant of brilliants have complete brain farts when it comes to adding creativity to new projects or tasks. Working in the public relations and marketing industry, Ideal Publicity has learned the importance of staying creative, innovative, and ahead of the game. Whether promoting a client, designing a website, or marketing our services, adding that creative twist is vital to positioning ourselves to the forefront of our industry’s competitive arena.

Need help getting your creative juices flowing? Here are 5 tips to help you get through the planning process:

Plan Ahead
I know this is a little difficult for some, and this is coming from the queen of procrastination, but planning ahead is vital when being faced with a new project that requires some creative energy. When I’m approached by a potential client, I must first understand their need, then their want, and then I begin the process of laying out a specialized plan that specifically addresses both. Organization is important in any industry, but it especially helps you consolidate your thoughts, find a little inspiration, and plan out your next moves when looking for a little creativity.

Research can go hand in hand with planning ahead. If you’re having trouble deciding on different layouts, coming up with unique campaigns, or even putting the right words together to make a powerful statement, then try a little old fashion research. Looking into different industries, studying your favorite campaign, and reading up on different ideas can definitely help to get the wheels in your head turning.

Think Outside the Box
We’ve all heard the saying “There’s nothing new under the sun”. While many trends have been recycled throughout the years, it’s always refreshing to see innovative and dynamic ideas form. Even if it’s an expansion off of something previously done, no one can deny a brand that thinks outside of the box to relay their message. Don’t be afraid of being great…take a leap and explore the possibility of capitalizing on your differences.

Don’t Get Lazy
I know how frustrating it can be when your brain cells are fried, exhaustion has taken over, and you’re running out of ideas. Take your time throughout the planning process but don’t get lazy! It’s important to stay motivated and it helps you greatly when trying to accomplish creative goals. Maybe you need to walk away from the project for a few hours or couple of days to relieve a little stress and you clear your mind. But when you come back, make sure your spirits are high and your creativity is still rolling!

Can we all say it together? Reading IS fundamental! There are so many books out there that offer tips and advice on specific fields. The information is laid out for you to take but so many people overlook the resources right in front of them. Open up a book and read! I promise you’ll find the solution to your creative woes.

-Shanae Newman

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