Public Relations and Political Campaigning

As our country embarks in a new political campaign I think today’s blog should discuss the correlation between the two. I believe that public relations and a political campaign are intertwined. A PR practitioner can help advance a politician’s campaign. Campaign managers use similar tactics and have shared the same work ethic as a Public Relations practitioner. As a public relations practitioner you understand the importance of communication between the client and the public; during a political campaign it is imperative that politicians are actively and directly communicating with their prospective voters. Public relations strategies are the basic function of a political campaign. It is the expertise of public relation practitioners that can lead a campaign to victory.

The use of mass media during a campaign is great and is a huge asset to winning a campaign along with message and foundation of the campaign. It creates a platform for the politician to reach different demographics. During the 2008 presidential election Barack Obama used all types of mass media outlets to reach prospective voters from radio commercials, television commercials, talk shows, print mediums etc. He also used social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and emails that helped him reach a younger crowd, typically known for not voting, he ultimately came out victorious. I believe that it was the work of his campaign manager that helped lead him to victory. Public relations practitioners play a huge role in political campaigning. I’m excited to see what this 2012 political campaign hold when it comes to Public Relations and Mass Media.

-Jasmine Lucas

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