Passion Makes Perfect

When deciding your career path or what line of business you would like to pursue, numerous questions come to mind to make this decision. Money, interests, success rates, location, and opportunity are all factors in our pursuit amongst many others. Some of us discover what we are destined to be at a young age, many make career changes throughout life, and others are still trying to figure it out.

Yesterday, Nikkia McClain, CEO of TENÉ NÍCOLE Marketing and Public Relations joined Ideal Publicity for our weekly #PRCafe to share her tips and tricks of the industry. Nikkia, former successful real estate agent, has found her passion in public relations a few years ago and has been creating her own path ever since. TENÉ NÍCOLE specializes in fashion, beauty, and luxury lifestyle brands based out of New York. Nikkia and her team “will not stop until each clients goals and aspirations are met”.Glamorous Chicks Cosmetics, Height Magazine, Shonna Designs, and Devon Thomas are just a few of their clients.

With only having a few years in this industry and no background in public relations, Nikkia has still found a name for herself and her clients through her work. In saying that, it is clear her passion for what she does has given her the power of where her career has gone. It is admirable for someone to step outside of the box and follow something they believe in, not because it makes sense, but because it is what they want.

When asked “What first interested you in fashion and beauty PR?” Nikkia responded, “I love artisans from all walks of life, fashion, beauty, and music. If I were going to go into business for myself I had to love what I would be doing. I can honestly tell you I love it more and more every day.”

There may be struggles, there may be challenges, but at the end of the day if you are doing what you love the shine is worth those struggles and beyond. Recognize and follow your passion no matter where you are at in life and allow yourself to embrace your talents.


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