Believe vs. Money

Throughout my university years leading up to my entrance into the working world as a young professional, it’s often noted that many individuals look at the PR & Events field as a quick and easy way of making money. While this may be true in some instances, based on the category events and the proper marketing channel, this may not necessarily be true for the overall industry. Some people branch out into this field simply for their passion and hunger to take their creativity to another level of doing what they love.

Events can be categorized in several aspects to include: weddings, corporate meetings, retreats, expos, birthday parties, baby showers, stage shows, parties of different genres geared at solely enjoyment for the human ear and the lists goes on. Based on the region or your location many of these events may be done on a regular basis. Public relations and marketing are the back bones sustaining the equal gravitation of work being put into this event, the attendance as well as the pre & post reputation of the event title to be done annually as well the planner or promoter behind the event being an EPIC venture.

Taking on a project or a client should be because you believe in the individual and the product that they are putting forward, hence creating a campaign that will reap great benefits for the client while branding both yourself and client with a positive and outstanding reputation that will exceed everyone’s expectation. Believing in a client’s project and spearheading a campaign with realistic goals and determination for success should be our main focus. Discuss with the client where they want to see this venture at the end and the near future and build your game plan around this discussion. Never be afraid to make suggestions. Where goals may be unrealistic, it your job as their publicist and event  manager to state this and steer them in the right direction. At the end you will both be smiling with the success of the venture of putting something forward in the eyes of the world that speaks for both your clients’ reputation and yourself as an individual as well as your company at large.

Taking on a project or a client solely for the money that will be generated from the event or product is not a good idea. It makes no sense to market a brand or individual that you only see a pay check at the end regardless of the venture being successful or not. Your main priority should never at anyone one time be the dollar figure from this venture but the urgency of making a brand be known to the entire world with a positive and lasting image embedded in the worlds mind. The dollar figure at the end of the day will not be useful when your client brand is not seen and benefits projected are not reaped. This in turn dampens your reputation as a publicist or events manager and seen in the public eyes as not being able to create the impact discussed in the initial meeting or agreement. Here your credibility and reputation will be questioned as well as your clients and in the long run if not short run will create a negative impact on the business.

Make taking on a project be because you believe in your client and your ability to surpass everyone’s expectation and create a WOW factor. Never let it be about just collecting a pay check at the end.


“Spread your wings and fly”

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