5 Ways to Get More Followers on Social Media

Social media has become an imperative part of public relations campaigns, especially if you want to reach larger and younger audiences. There is a high chance that you are currently managing your own business social media accounts or the accounts of clients. But what if you do not have many followers or much interaction with your followers? Then your social media campaign may be lacking. It’s pointless to even utilize social media if you are not seeing results. So what are the companies who have thousands of followers doing that you’re not? Here are a five tips to drive the number of followers and interaction you get on your social media accounts.

1. Be conversational. It’s important to remain professional while on social media, but make sure you don’t sound like a robot. People prefer to follow and interact with social media accounts who actually seem like there are indeed humans making the posts, not an automated system. Not all of your posts have to be relevant to your company or product. Make comments that you might make on your personal accounts about the weather, the season finale of a popular TV show, current news events, etc.
2. Ask questions. This one seems obvious, but if you want more people to interact with you on social media, then ask! Ask people how they’re doing, what they’re having for lunch, and other simple conversational questions. But also feel free to ask for input on your business – what new menu item customers want to see at your restaurant, what their favorite piece of your new clothing line is, etc.

3. Ask for user involvement. Encourage users to post pictures on Facebook, check-in to your business on FourSquare, tweet your business, re-tweet your tweets. This can easily be done through social media contests. (The most re-tweets will get a free t-shirt or free meal, the best user photo of an event you had will win a prize,”like” your status for a chance to win a pirze, etc.)

4. Respond to users. If people tweet to you, respond! Even if they’re not asking something, simply say thanks for getting in touch with you. Retweet them. If they complain about something, definitely make sure it is addressed as soon as possible. People love when companies tweet them.

5. Post at non-traditional times. Many companies have people in charge of handling their social media accounts during regular business hours, but be sure to post during non-traditional times as well – like in the evening or late night hours. You can schedule these tweets ahead of time, with services like Social Oomph.
These five tips are sure to increase your followers and/or your current follower interaction. Just remember that just as with anything in PR, it is important to stay up-to-date on new social media tools and trends. There is actually a method of how to handle your social media accounts, so don’t just “wing it,” make sure whoever you put in charge becomes knowledgeable on how to be most effective with social media.
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