Do You Communicate Efficiently?

As we all know, communication is a major foundation within all relationships. Communication has established itself as the key to managing or destroying relationships; marriages have gone sour and families have been torn apart due to this missing element.

When you reflect on your own communication skill, I am pretty sure you have some areas that can improve. I wanted to share some of the most influential tactics I’ve learn over the years. I hope these 10 essential steps help you develop better communication skills in your business and personal lives.

10 Ways to Develop Better Communication Skills

1. Make People Feel Excited About Conversations. When you make the person you are talking to feeling like they have you undivided attention, it gives them the impression that you are actually care about your conversation with them. This allows people to open up and have deep, personable conversations with you.

2. Asking Open-ended Questions. Get people to talk all about their personal interest by asking questions that leave a lot of room for a really good answer. Try to get the person to talk in as much details; this not only helps break the ice but it will allow you to gain a different perspective on them.

3. Be Aware of Body Language and Feelings. Familiarize yourself with people’s body language and voice tone. By noticing these traits of people you can equip yourself and better prepare yourself to engage in conversation. In addition, modify your words, body language, and tone of your voice, that will most likely get a positive response.

4. Become an Active Listener. Show people that you are genuinely interested and listening to what they are talking about. Too often people plan their response before the other person completes what they are saying. Try listening to the full conversation and give responses back accordingly. Also, do not forget to ask questions about something you do not understand during conversation. This gives the person security in knowing you have their attention.

5. Make Eye Contact. Captivate your audience by making strong eye contact. Eye contact lets people know that you are confident in yourself as well as you are honorable. Eye contact forces people to want to pay close attention to you and what you are actually saying.

6. Become Personable.- One thing I have learned is that people want to be able to relate to you, or at least understand who you are in the simplest terms. By exposing as much of yourself during conversations, you allow people to see your true value and increase their interest you.

7. Build A Bond. When you use words like “our, we, and us,” you essentially beginning laying down a foundation of a bond that is being built. Make the person feel like you both share a vision that no one else does.

8. Become Resourceful – You can often use the ability of being resourceful to help solidify communication. Making suggestions and recommendations of things you have experienced, introduction of new people, or maybe even a book that you have read. By becoming a resource, you entice the people listening to you. Be sure to mention topics that capture the attention of your listener, topics of high intereast can easily capture attention in discussions. Essentially you become the “go to” person and establish an open communication with others.

9. Be Encouraging – Words of encouragement will never get old. Whether the person, young or old, is dealing with a difficult moment kind words of encouragement will always brighten the day. Taking some time to assure people that no problem is too big to overcome. This behavior can even improve established relationships

10. Establish Relationships for the Future – Whether in business or in your personal life, engage with people and lay the foundation for a long-term and fruitful relationship. Presenting opportunities like grabbing a cup of coffee, going to see a sports event, or even going to the gym together, will help elevate the level of your initial bond. Spending quality time with someone will mean more to them than any materialistic offering, so take advantage when these opportunities present themselves.

Sean Christopher

Fashion for a Cure



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