How to Build Your Personal Brand Online

We have discussed how appearance affects your personal brand, but what about your online presence? It is just as important, if not more important! In the digital age we live in, our online personalities have become a big part of who we are. People that may not have had the opportunity to meet us will associate us with our online personalities. We suggest building your online personal brand by following these steps: 1. Engage, 2. Review, 3. Monitor.

1. Engage. Engage yourself via social media. Being a “social media butterfly” takes work, just like being a socialite in the real world does. You have to make yourself relevant by getting involved, being seen. Participate in conversations (perhaps Twitter chats, such as our own #PRCafe) to build credibility and connect with others, comment on interesting articles/blogs, re-post articles/blogs, etc. Make sure you are on all major social media websites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, a blog, etc. And don’t just be “on” them, be active on them.

2. Review. Review your current social media content. If there is anything that you wouldn’t want posted on a billboard with your face attached to it, then do not put it on social media. Delete any pictures or comments that portray you as irresponsible, immature, a drunk, etc. You will want to delete excessive party pictures or any comments that can be misconstrued – anything overly sexual, political, etc. If you wouldn’t talk to your grandmother or your boss about it, don’t post it.

3. Monitor. Monitor your brand. Review what others are saying and posting about you. While you can control your output, you can’t control those of others. They still affect your online reputation. Occasionally do a Google search on your name or any online usernames affiliated with you, and see what others are posting about you. If it is negative, try to contact them to have them delete it. Everything that is related to you will effect your personal brand, even if you are not the creator of it. Be sure that you only have positive online content.

So remember, online/social media presence is an important aspect of your personal brand. Be sure to engage, review, and monitor your online personal brand!
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