How To Dress For Success

When you walk into a room it only takes seconds before those around you begin to notice the most intimate details of your overall appearance. Although the smallest details seem so minute at the time, it is those small changes that make the biggest difference in appearance and opinion.

Beginning with your head to your feet there is significance to every inch of your body that contributes to your image. Women have the luxury of having long hair, short t hair, curly hair, and straight hair. No matter the style, it is important to look comfortable and confident. You do not want anyone sensing you doubt yourself because that is when they will begin to doubt you too. It is vital to make sure you look the way you feel and you feel the way you look. Although the simplicity of your hairstyle may seem like a small detail it is an aspect of your personal appearance that gains constant attention. The last thing you want is the majority of a client meeting for you to be worried about your hair. Leave the house with your hair secured and presentable at all times. Think ahead, always carry a small brush or comb along with a bobby pin or another hair piece that can come in great use in last minute time.

A women’s make-up is another contributing factor to ones overall appearance. Many believe a lot can be told by the way a women’s face is made up. If that is true it is of great importance for our image to be portrayed in the colors we wear and the materials we take notice of .Make-up is an aspect women feel very intimate about because every woman has the creative freedom when applying their make-up. The key is to express yourself while maintaining a professional and presentable look. Just keep in mind the face you wear to an appearance is the face a prospective client will see to pass off as a reference. Make sure to have a well established “night time” look and “daytime look”. Always keep a small make-up clutch in your bag when traveling around for meetings and appearances. It is best to always be prepared to freshen up.

From your hair to your make-up, the final aspect of your appearance can be displayed in your wardrobe. How to dress to impress is leading factor in what your first impression may be. Trying to find the perfect combination of comfort, style and professionalism can be where most fail. It is important to not wear heels you won’t be able to walk in a few hours from now. Make sure to always think of comfort because if you are uncomfortable those around you will be uncomfortable too. As a publicist it is appealing to look stylish and be able to have on appropriate attire when attending events. The last thing a client wants to worry about it having a publicist that will show up to an event not representing them in an appropropriate light.  Stay professional, do not wear anything revealing or that would question how serious you may be. Keep it clean.

All aspects of your physical appearance will contribute to the success you can make and how your clients and prospective clients will perceive you. It comes down to feeling comfortable and confident in yourself that others will see. Know who you are and wear it on your sleeve. Before attending a meeting or upcoming event think about the image you want to portray and how you will brand yourself before you make the mistake of a poor appearance.

Keep back up make-up, hair supplies and even a wardrobe malfunction outfit close by; although your main priority may be PR be prepared to make the industry your runway.

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