Branding Your Brand, Is Branding Yourself

As a publicist and other jobs in the public relations field we know the great importance of branding. As you gain clients it is vital to discover what their brand is, how it’s being perceived, and what changes need to be made. Just as we look at our clients brand and base our work, our clients and other professionals look at our brand as individuals judging what work they think you will be able to deliver.

We have recently touched on the topic of branding yourself in a #PRCafe Twitter chat where other professionals, students and aspiring PR specialists are able to share their thoughts. It was clear throughout the chat branding yourself is a must. If you’re not capable of maintaining and building your own brand, clients cannot trust with you with theirs. It is up to each professional to build their own brand of an empire that will be able to close deals at the end of the day.

Creating your brand is not a one day event as we know with helping clients; it is an ongoing process that will be shown throughout your work.  As much as we hate to say “don’t judge a book by its cover” this industry unfortunately has a lot to do with how you present yourself and if you are able to make your first impression a lasting one.

Professionalism is key including proper attire, health and hygiene, organization and punctuality are all small factors that contribute to building your brand. A client wants to trust and believe in who you are as a person so they can feel as though they can rely on what you are going to deliver at meetings, appearances, and in general when dealing with their business.

And don’t be so sure that in public is the only appearance you need to remember, social media, blogs and other media outlets also contribute to your brand. Although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks are as much fun as they can be used for business think about all the posts, photos and links that are going to lead back to you. If someone was to check you out online would it match the image you would like to portray? Would you be embarrassed of what one would discover? Make sure to always keep these questions in mind as you pursue your career to keep your personal life in check with your professional goals.

So as you work on each campaign and think about your client’s brand, remember to ask yourself what your brand is, how it’s being perceived and what changes need to be made and make them.

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One Response to Branding Your Brand, Is Branding Yourself

  1. i’m fasinated with this topic hope to post some thing about it tomorrow , Great post!

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