Instagram: The New Internet Craze

From Facebook status updates to 140 characters on Twitter, say no more. We now have the media to save all words and express ourselves with an image or picture via Instagram. Social media trends sweep through with new networks being exposed almost daily however, Instagram shows to be the newest craze. Not only can individuals utilize this application to expose where they are, who they are with or capture moments that express themselves, it is an evolution of branding yourself.

Branding yourself is one of the most vital components to how others will view you, not only yourself but as a young professional, your business. Ideal Publicity took advantage of this social media phenomenon and joined the network to give followers a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes, highlight client accomplishments, and announce company news.  An image or picture can save you a thousand words, being able to post featured guests on our blog, flyers for upcoming events and displaying clients to see the face of their products and services.

Following Ideal Publicity on Instagram can give any viewer a glimpse at what we can offer. Although photos can be shared on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers the simplicity of pure images. Rather than what you want to read it’s what you want to see.

What better way to show potential clients what we can offer than through captured moments of what Ideal Publicity has already produced? As a company, our followers continue to grow and our likelihood to reach more individuals on what a PR agency can do continues to prosper utilizing an application such as Instagram.

The development of branding and promotion will continue to evolve and as it does Ideal Publicity will continue to stay on the peak of the trends.

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