March Madness Feature: Superficial Glamour

Looking for a company that offers major fashion services to its clients? Well, Superficial Glamour does just that! From image consulting and wardrobe styling to creating trendy accessories and serving as Creative Director at successful events, this company provides style solutions that work best for you.

IP: Start by telling us more about yourself and your business (educational background, hometown, age you started your business, how business came about, etc.

As a designer, model, and fashion enthusiast, 27 year old Shena McEachern, aka SAM,  has always recognized the art of fashion and style.  “We spend our lives wearing clothes- naturally, we must be knowledgeable of what suits our lifestyle, and feels right.”

Shena was first introduced to fashion and design at an early age. She taught herself how to draw and create wearable art. Learning to perfect her skills helped her to gain more exposure amongst her peers as a designer.  SAM attended Western Senior High school, historically known as the only no co-ed public highschool in the United States. A culture shock from a Catholic school background of plaid skirts, saddle shoes, polos, and cardigans, SAM was free to choose her looks daily. At Western High School, she developed a keen sense of style, forming a sound foundation for development. Here she continued modeling, and found a creative niche.

She explored her life long dream in 2009 to build a fashion company geared to imaging services.  Shena combined her skills and fashion sense with an unparalleled customer service experience to start Superficial Glamour LLC.

SAM currently holds a degree in Health Education and a Masters in Business Administration and spends most of her time spearheading the SuperficialGlamour LLC styling company-  shopping for rare wardrobe items, making new pieces for the official SG jewelry line, New Vintage by SAM, and serving as the creative director for numerous client projects.

IP: Quote that keeps you motivated?

“Whatever you do, do your best.”

My father and grandmother always stress the importance of doing “your best”.  Although its such a small quote, we all understand that it may not have been easy at times.  Keeping this quote in mind has kept me humble and focused.

IP: What has been your biggest obstacle being a young entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle is myself- I know I can stand in my own way, often acting as my own worst critic  When my grandmother told me the other day, “Girl, I’m proud of you- you’re really handling your business,”  I had to snicker a little.   I know I, like most, haven’t scratched the surface of my talents, but believing in yourself and your ability is always the first step.   Staying sharp, relevant and informed have helped me to overcome my obstacles.  I’m so grateful for my accomplishments, and blessed for the enthusiasm, energy and ambition to do greater things! 🙂

IP: How has age factored into your success?

My age has certainly contributed to the success I’ve acquired to date.   As a 2007 graduate of Morgan State University, I’ve reached out to my former colleagues- many of whom I have helped to style, designed pieces for, and/or assisted with creative projects.  My collegiate network has helped tremendously- being a native of Baltimore Md. also attributes to spreading the word about Superficial Glamour LLC.  Im very appreciative of the folks I have as outstanding clients, and I look forward to the company’s future endeavors.

IP: Describe a day in the life of (company name)?

Ahhh..  A day in the life of Superficial Glamour includes checking and responding to emails/texts, sketching new designs for potential customers, developing marketing materials for products, sending out company information through Social websites, and planning for future events.

IP: Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I expect Superficial Glamour LLC to have an increased client rolodex, internet and media presence, and a broadened styling/design/image service menu for consumers.  Priding ourselves on community service, we intend to increase participation in philanthropic efforts; its important to me to remain positive and relevant in the community we service.

IP: What advice would you give up and coming entrepreneurs?

Do your research on the market for your business.  Next find out what makes your company stand out from all of those other companies and build upon the positives.  Find a mentor or someone you know who has experience in the area.  It’s always good to ask questions- having more information/resources is always key.

IP: What blogs and publications do you read to get guidance as an entrepreneur?

The most recent book I’ve read is called Get Yours: How to Have Everything You Ever Dreamed of and More by Amy Dubois Barnett.  Although its intended for a female audience, the message is universal.  I’ve also collaborated with a few folks through the website- feel free to check it out!

IP: If you could pick a celebrity to be the spokesperson for your company/brand who would it be and why?

Wow, good question!  I would say Kyla Pratt or Angela Simmons- both of these young ladies are beautiful, funny, smart, driven and chic.  If I could just get in the same room with one of them and introduce myself, my life will be complete! 🙂

IP: Outside of your business, what are your other interests? 

The business is my hobby, lol. I’ve always loved shopping, drawing, creating looks, and making art.  I do love music, and I sing every chance i get when I’m listening to my tunes.

Superficial Glamour LLC Company Bio

Superficial Glamour LLC is an image consulting company dedicated to providing clients with affordable, authentic and appropriate style solutions to fit their lifestyle.  Our stylists are well versed in the fashion and beauty industry, providing exclusive image management services, clothing solutions, fashion advice, make-up tips, and makeover services. Our Image Consultants help you decide “What Not to Wear” by providing personal style advice and teaching you what works for your body type, weight placement, skin tones, facial features, personality, and lifestyle. Feel free to visit to setup your free consultation today.  Hope to style you soon!!

Fashionably yours,


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