Instagram Makes Its Mark on Fashion

Instagram is now a booming app used on iphones to share photos. The app allows users to spice up regular photos and give them a more professional and fancier appeal. It also gives users the opportunity to share their shots on Facebook, Twitter and also Tumblr with their images also showing up in their instagram feed. One would think the primary use of instagram would be to share photos with friends and family but of course people always put a spin on things! The fashion industry is using instagram to display photos of their designs, show off street photography, promote events in the fashion industry and do countless other tasks.

When entering the workforce as a young entrepreneur or if you have been in the workforce for years you must keep it exciting with fresh ideas and ways to keep the interest on what you are doing. Instagram has offered fashionista’s a way to showcase their ideas and events through social media in a different light. This app allows people in the fashion industry and those interested in joining the fashion industry a way to be creative and strut their stuff! Instagram was also very popular at New York’s fashion week with editors, bloggers and publicist stealing shots and uploading them by the thousands with professional quality.

Not only are individual people using instagram to their advantage but companies like Burberry, Gucci, and Kate Spade are using the app to turn their shots into shareable social media. From big names to people taking shots in their back yards instagram has definitely made its mark on the fashion industry and in the social media world.



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