March Madness Feature: Mika Mo

Having a good fashion sense is only part of becoming a top wardrobe stylist. Just ask the up-and-coming fashion sensation Mika Mo, who understands the importance of being daring, persistent, and timeless when working in the fashion business.

IP:  Start by telling us more about yourself and your business (educational background, hometown, age you started  a your business, how business came about, etc.)

Growing up in Washington, D.C. was like growing up in a neighborhood fashion show. Everybody from DC dresses like, or shall I say, tries to dress like they are a celebrity. I went to Coolidge Senior High School and when I tell you it was a fashion show, it really was. The students, including myself, would literally walk up and down the hallways just so people could see their outfits from head to toe. Sometimes, I would even walk in slow motion like I was in the movies lol. You could never wear the same thing twice unless you wanted to get jokes cracked on you. Growing up my favorite TV shows were The Nanny, Sex and the City, Clueless and Beverly Hills 90210. I would literally go to school dressed like Fran, Carrie, Cher, Donna and Kelly. People would always say to me “why do you always dress up?” I would simply say, “if I dressed down it wouldn’t be me.”

I started my business last year at the age of 24 and to be honest I wish I would have done it sooner. People would always stop me and tell me how nice I dressed; they even would ask me if I could go shopping with or for them. I finally got the wakeup call after speaking with my boyfriend and my best friend. They expressed to me how good I am at putting clothing together and that I should be doing it professionally. Once I realized that styling was my talent, I went for it. I don’t think I gave myself enough credit at first, but once I did I was good and it came natural. I put my first photo shoot together with ten looks and the rest is history.

IP: Quote that keeps you motivated?

“Do what people think you’re not capable of doing.”

IP: What has been your biggest obstacle being a young entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

My biggest obstacle was trying to do a ten look photo shoot with the least amount of money, no resources in my new location, and no model. I was able to overcome this obstacle with the help of my wonderful friends and family. In life, things get tough and as long as you have positive people around you who love you, you can do anything.

IP: How has age factored into your success?

Age has factored into my success because it keeps me motivated. Nothing can and will stop me from striving for nothing but excellence.

IP: Describe a day in the life of (company name)?

A day in the life of Mika Mo is shopping, putting together looks, completing fittings, and making sure all my clientele are satisfied. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

IP:  Where do you see your company in the next 5 years?

In five years I would like to see my company expand and based out of NYC (keeping my fingers and toes crossed.)  Hopefully, I will be a well known fashion stylist and my company will be the leading styling company in America.

IP:  What advice would you give up and coming entrepreneurs?

When times get hard do not give up, just work harder and stay positive.

IP: What blogs and publications do you read to get guidance as an entrepreneur?

To be honest, I really just got into the whole blogging sensation. I never really blogged or viewed blogs besides the ones for Gossip sites. When I started blogging, I would just blog about things I saw that I liked, things I thought were funny, or that I thought were fashionably informative. As far as publications, I have always been inspired by magazines such as VOGUE and W. I can literally read those two magazines over and over and over again. I love their fashion stories, articles, and let’s not forget the fashion spreads.

IP: If you could pick a celebrity to be the spokesperson for your company/brand who would it be and why?

Carrie Bradshaw, not Sarah Jessica Parker, but Carrie Bradshaw. I would pick Carrie because she is fun, humble, unique, very stylish, timeless, refined and daring. Carrie is the type of person who definitely will go down in history as one of the most stylish icons in the world.

IP: Outside of your business, what are your other interests?

Honestly, outside of my business, my only other interest is my business. I love fashion and I love styling. I live and breathe those two things. It‘s who I am and who I always will be. It’s the reason why I started my business.

IP: Anything else you would like to add? (pictures of merchandise or logo, additional facts about your business, links, upcoming events/promotions, etc.)

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