The Unrated and Uncut Moments as a PR Pro In Boston

By Ms.Victoria Antoine

It was Mid January of 2012 I was starting to apply some internships which involve with Social Media and Public Relations. I lived in South of Boston which is located in Brockton which its 45 mins from Providence, RI and 25 mins from Boston.  During that time I was have a huge argument with my mom about career choices. I told her I want to be a Public Relations because a lot people i know are going to medical field and they are making alot of money but they are still not happy beside I don’t want to spend my whole 10 years of my life to become some doctor. My mom have a very strong  Haitian accent and as you know she criticize me for  having a career that would help  me  financially. I shook  my head and I said to my self “ I only care about my happiness beside that I am only chasing my dreams not fucking people” After my verbal carribbean argument with her  that would never resolved and that topic would will bring up in the future.

I receive an email from my iphone it was Esente Music Group, a Independent management company  in North shore of Boston. I said my self like “ Oh shit, I hope this email is about an interview” and when I saw it I was almost into tears of emotions. The email state “ Could you come in for a interview  for Public Relation Internship at 6pm” I responded the email “ Of course I would come in at 6pm sharp” The supervisor give the directions to the office and the office is located in Beverly, MA, at first i excited and nervous at the same time because I know where Beverly is but how im going  get there because I don’t have a car at the moment plus that i am city girl i rely on public transportation. hummmmm….

I planned my trip early  so I wont be late for interview and if i would be late for interview i would looked at as unprofessional and its not going to look good at all in the future. I need to get my shit together and stay focus my trip to how to get to  the office so i go on google map to get the directions to get there and how many hours from bus to trains all sorts of stuff. I recieve an text messages of one my girlfriends to come to the club and i said no thanks maybe next time., thinking into my head i don’t want to see my friends getting shit faced and roam around Boston barefoot and feeling embarrassed. So I continue to get my directions to the office. I told my sisters about the PR internship  interview, they were content and happy for me but as for my mom about the interview not content but still give me the whatever look. I picked out my best gear and my “fuck me pumps” and I am all set for the next week ( hopefully I did my laundry as well).

Its was  January 24, 2012, its Interview time!  I left my house around 3:45pm take two commuter rail to get to Beverly,When I arrived at the location. It was a huge brick building located on third floor below Dunkin Donuts. I get there around 530pm I was early to interview which its great but feeling more nervous.  I would walk up to the third floor, the office is kind of small. When i met the big boss Ron I felt intimated, he seem like he don’t take shit for no answers. When I get there he give the whole overview about the internship. It was a group interview he asked us “How many of you are graphic designer”? There was three people raise their hands. He went on about today’s job market about graphic designer and how is very hard to get a job in this today economy. What I like he was very dope and he tell like its because he been in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years, he gives more great information. I felt like I need to take this internship. After all I was amazed in the fact I could use his information about becoming an Public Relations and turn into my potential career. He told me that I got the internship and I start a week later.

When couple weeks goes by I am starting love what I am doing. Contacting information to local small business, starting my music project and promoted and raise  on awareness for  drinking and driving. its was great for me. I apply so many summer internship while i was in Esente Music Group. I receive so many  emails for the summer internship. I go the interview but never get a email or call back but I will never give up hope. I am humble person and If i want something I’ll go get it. As for now I like my current internship I could say some great ideas with out no shame.

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