Meet the Baltimore Idol

American Idol has been a prime time show capturing audiences all over the world. With contestants desperately trying to showcase their talent to the judges and viewers, they strive to be the last one standing. This season opened with a wide variety of contestants, including Baltimore’s very own, Hallie Day. Day has been on her own trying to make her way to fame since the age of 15. Until recently when she began making her debut on the idol stage, Day has been working as a waitress in Towson, MD. At the age of 24, Day has now got her glimpse of the life she has always wanted.  This past summer Day competed in the “Baltimore Idol” contest that opened the door to her success with American Idol. With years of struggling and addiction she has a new outlook on life that shows through her empowering voice and appearance that pleases the eye.

This past week Idol had its premiere of the top 24 contestants where they each got the opportunity to perform for the world and let the voters decide their destiny. Although so many in Baltimore and beyond frantically called and text the number in her fate, unfortunately Day was not able to make it into the next round. With a bump in the road let’s hope this won’t stop our Baltimore bombshell from reaching her dreams. Fox news featured a special on Day with her amazing story of where she started and where she is today. Fox, along with local and national blogs, newspapers and social media outlets have helped Day promote herself as the blonde hair, blue eyed girl that brings confidence to the stage.

Baltimore has been the home of many celebrities that have risen from Baltimore’s outer city limits and still look back on our city and those that still reside here. Let’s hope our city can be as supportive to watch Day continue to be promoted to her full potential as we can be happy to call her one of our own. Now finished with American idol, Day along with those that support will anxiously await the opportunities that will continue to unravel. No matter the outcome, the inspiring story of a waitress by day and Idol at night should inspire all individuals chasing a dream.

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