Pinterest: 2012’s Hottest New Social Media Trend

We all are well aware of the impact that social media has for our clients. Nearly everyone is on social media these days. We do it to seek information, to interact with others, and to pass the time. There are tons of different social media websites, some more successful than others. Facebook and Twitter have grown to be the two biggest players in the social media world. They both have the ability to reach large audiences, and the interactive aspect creates and maintains strong relationships with consumers. In 2011, Google+ was the hot new social media trend for brands. But what about Pinterest? Is it the hot trend for 2012?

Pinterest allows users to create virtual bulletin boards on various topics – favorite recipes, clothes, beauty products, wedding ideas, home decor, and fitness are popular themes amongst users. They “pin” pictures that they like on to their boards. Users are able to view their friends pins, comment, and “re-pin” pictures on their own boards. The pictures are often linked to outside websites and blogs.

Companies are beginning to see the growth and popularity Pinterest is having. While still far behind Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is emerging as a leader in social media with over 10.5 million users. Many industry experts say that Pinterest will be the newest trend for PR professionals and advertisers to implement in their social media campaigns for 2012 and beyond. Clothing stores, restaurants, and other brands are creating their own Pinterest accounts to showcase new products, run contests (“pin it to win it”), and engage with consumers.

What do you think? Is Pinterest here to stay or just another social media fad that will soon be forgotten? How do you think it compares to Facebook and Twitter in effectiveness for PR and advertising campaigns?

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