Deciding What’s Best For You

Everyone comes to college for different reasons. Some people come because their parents wanted them to, some because they feel it is what they are supposed to do and some because that is what their friends are doing so they want to fit in. I came to college because I wanted to learn the skills essential to become successful in journalism & mass communication. Being a public relations specialist is something I am passionate about being and I want to perfect my craft because it’s something I want to do, not something someone made me do.

You should always evaluate situations and ultimately come up with the best solution instead of rushing through your options and choosing what could end up hurting you in the end. In the case of a career you should find something that you are good at, you love to do, and comes natural to you. When you find a career you love you will never work a day in your life. Going into a job and dreading it every day is not ideal and you should not have to go through that, that is why you should decide what is best for you and not let others influence that.

You know yourself better than anyone does so why let others make your decisions? Figure out what you really like to do and decide how you can incorporate that into your career and go for it! It’s no need in worrying about what other people will say because they do not have to live your life be miserable every day because they hate their job. You have to become the boss of your life and make decisions that will make you a happier person because at the end of the day no one has to live your life but you!



Jonique Lynch

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