The Key To Staying On Track

As a sophomore in college I would say my plate is pretty full. I work at my schools newspaper, radio station and television studio while at the same time I have started this internship at Ideal Publicity. Sometimes the days can be very long and demanding but when you really want something you tend to make sacrifices to be where you want to be.

The competition is real and you must be on top of your game in order to land the job you really want. Being in college and trying to create a name for yourself and doing multiple internships is not easy and let’s not forget there is still class work to complete but to be marketable you must do these things. I’m not saying spread yourself too thin because then you make the mistake of not completing tasks sufficiently or even not completing them at all.

I realized a long time ago the key is really time management. You have to stay focused and only take on tasks you are positively sure you can complete. In order to get everything accomplished and still have time for yourself you must have some sort of time management system with a schedule to ensure everything gets done or else you may find yourself slipping.



Ideal Publicity Intern

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