Passionate? Why wait…

As fulfilling as my college experience was, if I could go back and change certain things I definitely would. Even with a resume full of internships, leadership in school activities, and excellent academics, I wish someone would have sat me down and talked to me about the importance of branding myself and not just my resume. The other day I read an article on one of my fave PR blogs, Ragan’s PR Daily, discussing how to establish your personal brand in college.

The article offered ideas such as getting professional head shots, creating a website, and designing some business cards, among other things. While I was still in college, I realized that I wanted to start my own PR agency one day. In addition to interning and all of the other wonderful things I did in college (LOL) I should have created a student run PR agency to gain some experience on what it’s like to have your own agency. The one thing many don’t acknowledge is just how broad the field of public relations really is, and interning at a PR agency is completely different than having one of your own.

Fast forward to 2 years later……………………….. I’m now co-owner of a public relations agency and although I still regret not starting out sooner, I’d still be at the point I am at today (still learning) regardless of when I began my journey. The fact that there’s always something new to learn in PR and trends to stay abreast of is what makes it so exciting. You will never meet a publicist who says “I think I’ve learned everything I can learn in PR,” if someone says that they’re lying. Hence, I’m sure when seasoned publicists realized how significant the social media movement has become they educated themselves to keep up with the trends in the industry.

I’m done with my rant, but the lesson of this post is that it’s never too soon to indulge in your passion. While in college it’s important to look for opportunities with companies you may be interested, but it is also important to know how to create your own opportunities when necessary.


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One Response to Passionate? Why wait…

  1. jsimienpr says:

    I really enjoyed this post and I can definitely relate especially in regards to interning in a PR position versus having a firm of your own.

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