I love communicating and I especially love to write. This is why I believed that a career in journalism was the perfect path for me. I spent my college summers interning at several news organizations and I loved the hustle and bustle of the newsroom. But, once I began my senior year of college and I began looking over my resume I was concerned. Yes, I had written for various publications and my resume was extensive, but it also lacked diversity. There are so many other things to do in communications and the media other than print.

I needed to broaden my experience. And that is how I found myself as a junior publicist at Ideal Publicity. I also admired the work of PR professionals, how they use communication to sway journalist to cover a client. It was inspiring. Over the course of my internship experience I had been sent hundreds of media pitches and handed dozens of folders of media packets at different I covered. But I never fully understood the time and energy put into those packets.

One of my first assignments at Ideal Publicity was to write a media pitch for an upcoming PR Bootcamp. “This is easy,” I thought. I mean I had seen a thousands of media pitches. As I sat down at my laptop and pulled up the information on the event and Googled templates for pitches my mouth dropped. There were thousands of websites are spurting out different information, angles, and approches on how to write a good media pitch.

Three hours later my head was hurting and my coffee had run out of my bloodstream. I didn’t realize how much work PR professionals put into their craft. I was in awe with out fluid and intricately crafted together the media pitches I use to receive were and how difficult they can be to write.

I finished the media pitch eventually and I am happy to say that PR is an interesting field and I am happy to be working with Ideal Publicity to learn the craft.



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