What’s In A Name

Ideal Publicity, the perfect name to describe an agency that offers services to clients in order to create publicity and help develop and grow any brand. We’ve gotten so many positive responses on our company name, but the name that flows so smoothly and makes sense to describe all that we provide was not the easiest to come up with. When I say Raevyn and I spent foooorever trying to decide on the perfect name for our company, that’s no exaggeration!

From pizzazz to spotlight to press, we played around with different words and tried our darnedest to come up with the right name that fit both personalities and capabilities but nothing seemed to match. Just when we were about to settle on S&J Public Relations (thank GOD we didn’t), EUREKA! Ideal Publicity was born!

Choosing the perfect name for your business is no easy task. Between making sure the name and url isn’t already taken to agreeing on something that appeals to all owners, the name game can be very daunting and quite difficult.

Here are some things we had to consider before making a final decision. Maybe these can help a few others with coming up with the right name:

  • Complexity: Is your name too long or confusing to spell? If so, you might want to reconsider. You don’t want people misspelling your name when they try to visit your site or find you on social networks.
  • URL Madness: So you’re in love with a name but the .com domain is taken. Now you have to decide on another. Try to remember what each domain is used for. Usually .org is used for nonprofit organizations, .net refers to networking technologies, and .gov is used for government companies. There are more to choose from. Go Daddy, along with other domain hosting sites allows you to check the availability of your domain name before purchasing.
  • Email Ready: shanae@imthebestpublicistandyoucantevertopme.com just won’t work! Email is an important communication method so you don’t want a name so long that people have trouble remembering or typing it. Save them the trouble.
  • Think marketing: How does your name look on other websites, email marketing, marketing materials. or events?
  • Something you won’t get tired of: This was something else we had trouble with. We would think of a pretty good name but we knew that we would be over in a few months. Think long term!
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