Twitter Twitter Read All About It!

By now many people are familiar with the social media phenomenon known as Twitter. It’s popularity is growing by the minute, along with the diverse group of individuals that use it.

I think it’s safe to include news outlet to the many benefits Twitter has to offer. With easy access, constant updates, and almost everyone joining the #TeamTwitter movement, this social platform is crossing multiple boarders and evolving into a media outlet of it’s own. There are some people who won’t turn on the television or visit a website to be informed, but instead they turn to their Twitter news feed and trending topics. It’s amazing how much you can learn from Twitter. Not to say that everything on the website is to be trusted. But, it is definitely a good resource to find out whats buzzing and get the reactions of millions of people.

Sure Twitter is used to communicate with friends, family, co-workers, old classmates, and most of the time complete strangers but as Wednesday’s protests against the unfair execution of Troy Davis proved, Twitter is used for so much more.

I read Wednesday from one of my followers and Delaware State University alum Tony Anderson about the ways Twitter is educating many on greater political and social topics. “I interviewed a woman today that said she only knew about Tony Davis because Kim K. tweeted about it. The power of Twitter is mind blowing.” This statement alone shows the huge impact Twitter has on it’s members.

Wednesday’s Twitter protests and support of Troy Davis was amazing! From huge celebrities, to foreigners, to regular Joes–many people not only spread the word about what was going on with Mr. Davis, but they also rallied to support him by giving the contact information of individuals who could possibly put an end to his execution. The effort was awesome and even though the court systems did not change their decision, the acts of those on Twitter were beyond commendable and showed how the social network is not only used for social exchanges but to cover more important topics as well.

You may not like or understand Twitter but you have to admit, it’s evolution and huge reach is great! For those who aren’t convinced that social media is taking over….think again!

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