Thank’s But NO Thanks: 5 Things PR Firms DON’T Need From Our Clients

A few days ago we re-tweeted an article from Ragan’s PR Daily that told about the top 5 things PR firms need from their clients. While there is a lot we require to maintain a productive relationship, there are a few things we DON’T need from clients as well.

What don’t we need? It’s simple—anything that prevents us from doing our best work to help enhance your brand and get you the results you need.

Of course we love to hear your opinion and logic on a lot of topics BUT please don’t kill us with a bunch of opinions that do not match up with the facts. We are your publicist for a reason and we need you to trust that we know our profession and would only recommend what is best for you. Anything we put out not only represents your brand and image, but ours as well. And trust us, if it’s one brand we would never misrepresent–it’s ours!

Ok so it’s been rainy out and everyone’s tired. There will be days when you don’t want hear the word email, much less check it every second.  Understandable. But laziness is completely unacceptable. There’s work to be done on both ends and regardless of how little sleep you had or how badly you want to lay in your bed, the work must get done. This is your dream and passion by the way—there’s no room for your laziness. Get up and do something!

3. Lack of dedication to your brand
Writing, reading, follow-ups, requests, work, work, work—it can get overwhelming at times, especially if you’re doing a lot of the work on your own.  But if you’re committed to your company and passionate about reaching your goals, the work won’t seem like work at all. We need you to be dedicated to your brand and all that you are trying to accomplish. At times the job of a publicist can be confusing or merged with other responsibilities. In some cases this is fine. In most, it is not! Everyone needs a little motivation at times but your biggest supporter, cheer leader, and motivator should be YOU! Lack of dedication won’t take you far and it makes our job that much more complicated.

4.Cry Babies
We know, it’s Saturday and there’s 100 other things you’d rather do. Ok so the engagement we signed you up for isn’t exactly around the corner and we know gas is a headache at times. And by the way, you aren’t the only person who wishes they didn’t have to spend the whole night getting work done. We know! Let’s save the tears and whining for the babies. If there’s work to be done…get it done! We don’t need the overly emotional, constant complaining, or the ongoing “I wish I didn’t have to”. We need results!

5.Time Wasted
One thing that is constantly used but never able to get back is time. While we know that you have tons of things that need to be done and little time to do it, we need you as clients to appreciate the fact that we too are on tight time schedules. We can’t wait for you to respond to emails, return phone calls, or send us information we requested weeks prior. Like you, we too have a laundry list of things that need to be done for multiple clients. Time cannot be wasted people…this business does not allow it!

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