What Works for You

Recently Ideal Publicity was quoted in Carol Roth’s 95 Tips for Handling Business Criticism Online & Offline. With so many opinions and eyes watchers (especially on various social media networks), business owners are forced to deal with criticism from every direction. It’s important to be able to distinguish constructive criticism from hateful comments, and businesses that can’t will end up damaging their company’s image or getting lost in a sea of bad advice.

According Raevyn, “It’s not the critic who counts”– You have to understand whose opinions matter and whose should be disregarded.

“As co-founder of a PR and marketing agency, I’ve dealt with a lot of criticism being a new business owner. I respond to this by continuing to do what works for us. The phrase “you can’t please everyone” applies in business too. It’s good to listen to constructive criticism, but what works for another company may not work for you. The best tip for entrepreneurs is to ask themselves if worrying about these critics is making them more money? If not, it’s irrelevant.” – Raevyn J.

As a new and growing company, Ideal Publicity has come across quite a few tips, tricks, and “must-do” advice and criticisms from other professionals, friends, randoms, complete strangers, and know-it-alls. While the advice is appreciated and often deeply considered, we have to do what works best for us and our clients.

Hearing about a situation is completely different, and like Raevyn said, irrelevant when you’re actually IN the situation. You have to know yourself, your company, and your goals in order to properly evaluate the circumstances and possible outcome. Next, it is the company’s responsibility to think of an approach that will benefit it and the people it represents.
This is the method Ideal Publicity takes when dealing with clients, potential clients, and company goals. While it is important to seek advice and help from seasoned professionals or people working in your industry, life experience is one of the most important and most beneficial.

So what do we do when facing attacks or criticisms? We take a step back, evaluate our situation, and if what we’re doing is the best thing for us, we continue apologetically down our self-paved road to success!

See us quoted here!

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