Signed, A Young Publicist

On Monday, Ideal Publicity had the opportunity to sit down with the Build Up Radio to discuss life as a 20 something year old publicity. Can you say AMAZING!

Hosted by Natasha Brown of Think Brown Ink, the Build Up is an online radio show aimed towards entrepreneurs with a focus on PR and marketing tips.  This week’s conversation was something that Raevyn and I could closely relate to: life as a young publicist.

The show featured seasoned PR greats Patrice Cameau of CommunPR and Dee Dee Cocheta of ABC Publicity. The two offered awesome advice and insight into their business practices and ways we can improve ours. The other young publicists on the show, Armani Worrell of ArmaniWPR and Simona Noce of L’Afropolitan, also shared some great insight into their companies and the experiences they’ve had so far as young entrepreneurs and publicists. It felt great to be in a room of people that could actually relate to us and offer advice on how to deal with obstacles that we may face.

We covered everything from our best and worst experiences with clients, to people who try to cross the business boundaries, to misconceptions of the duties of a publicist. It’s always great to meet new people. It’s even better when those people are in similar situations and can help you better yourself and your company.

We’re grateful to Natasha for having Ideal Publicity on the show and would like to wish all the young entrepreneurs out there good luck!

Be sure to check out The Build Up with Think Brown Ink every Monday from 7-8pm on Elite DC Radio.

-Shanae Newman

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