The Juggling Act


So we’re back from our mini hiatus and we come bearing advice. As a new company, Ideal Publicity is working hard to build our brand while helping other companies do the same. Every day we learn new tips and tricks that help us along our journey. The biggest one I’ve had to learn: juggling a million different things, with a million different deadlines, without missing a beat. Between building Ideal Publicity, working a full time job, co-founding Polished for Prom, attending Grad school, and trying to maintain a social life, both Raevyn and I have our hands full.

Learning to manage my time to handle all of my responsibilities has been one of the biggest lessons I had to learn so far. In college I managed multiple internships at a time, 18 credits, online classes, and a major capstone. Coming out of that jungle of with 3.5 GPA had me thinking I could do anything. And then came the real world. The juggling act of trying to manage my own company on top of multiple accounts for my 9-5 had me overwhelmed and ready to scream.

It was time to get my life in order and learn how to manage. No one client is more important than the other so no matter how much stress and work I had to do for one company, I still had 3 others that needed just as much attention.

Here are a few things I had to do to get my life in order:

  • Write it out- Your brain is a powerful thing but it cannot remember everything. Write down everything so you won’t forget what needs to be done. (This forced me to look at all of my responsibilities and ultimately saved my life from the mayhem that almost took over)
  • Prioritize!!- Once you have everything laid out you now have to put them in order of importance. Adding a check to my to do list made the world a better place.
  • Get it done!- Now that everything’s all together get…it…done!

Seems like a pretty simple plan, and it can be. The most important thing is to keep yourself organized. Busy is not bad…it can actually be a good thing for business. The key is making sure you tackle each task with an agenda and a smile.

-Shanae Newman

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