Mobile Must Haves

Now-a-days we carry around our cell phones around like a third hand. Without them we feel like our world is on pause and air is slowly but surely being sucked from our souls. A little dramatic? For some of us (like me) not so much.

We depend on our smartphones to do just about everything: wake us up, give us directions, read to us, entertain us, educate us, make us laugh, see what’s happening around the world, run our business, and the list goes on.

Here at Ideal Publicity headquarters we’re team iPhone, Blackberry, and Android (yes, it’s a bit excessive, but very necessary…don’t judge us). These small devices can help improve how a business operates. Extremely convenient, easy to use, and often free, our favorite apps make it seem like you’re carrying a mini laptop in the palm of your hand. Check out a few of our must-have smartphone apps.

Evernote- For those of you that need to write everything down to organize your brain, Evernote is perfect for you. It allows you to create text, photo, and audio notes. There’s no way you’ll forget your next blog idea or miss anything on your to-do list with this app.

Google- Over the years Google has proven to be man’s best friend. I use this app at least10 times a day…and that’s on a chill day. This all-knowing  app allows you to search by taking a picture with your phone, see results based on your location, and translate text in 6 different languages. Along with the regular Google Search app, the mega biz also provides apps such as Google Voice, Google Earth, and Google Places, amongst others.

Documents to Go- Create, edit and view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files straight from your smartphone. Who said you needed a computer to get work done?

Facebook/ Twitter/ Linkedin- Stay connected with your social networks using these apps. Although there are a variety depending on the provider, each one makes updating a status, adding a picture, and linking to outside websites as easy as 1,2,3. In the land of the social media addict, these apps can help you get your daily fix.

Poynt- This app gets you where you need to be. From businesses, to events, to people, Poynt connects you with local spots at the drop of a dime. It’s an easy to use, reliable, and useful search app that allows you to map directions, place calls to businesses, and reserve a table at your favorite restaurant.

WordPress– Conveniently update your blog using this easy to use, effective app. The WordPress app gives all the cool features and capabilities found on the online site without the hassle of having to sit at a computer all day. View in standard mode or mobile mode to make browsing easier.

Mapquest– Ever been late for a meeting and ridiculously lost? Well, for the direction impaired (like myself) Mapquest is a must have! This app actually speaks to you as it gives turn by turn directions…and it’s free!

These are a few of our faves. Are there any that we’re missing? Let us know which smartphone app you can’t live without.

-Shanae Newman

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