Graduates, You Are Not Alone!

When I first graduated from college I gave myself 3 months to find a job. I jumped into the job search head first and only looked up to take a quick breathe. When the first month passed, I wasn’t ready to completely panic just yet, BUT I did raise an eyebrow at the thought that my carefully crafted ressie was being ignored. So  I went on and continued applying. The second month passed and still nothing. Now it was time for me to phone a friend or two to vent and release a little frustration. I had one month left before my three month time limit was up and I had no job, no money, and was losing hope in reaching my goal.

Before I knew it the beautiful summer welcomed August. Children played, flowers bloomed, and I panicked! This was the third month after graduation and my last chance to find a job before I went insane. By this time I was applying to at least 30 jobs a day, checked my email for any responses at least 50 times a day, and started to lose my confidence in finding my place in the business world. Thankfully something came through for me soon after but the way I handled my job search was completely wrong!

Graduates please do not follow in my footsteps. I rushed a process that has no time limit, spent most of my time replying to job posts instead of taking the initiative to meet and build relationships with professionals in my field, and became so desperate for a job that I began applying to anything. One thing I can recommend and encourage you eager young publicists in the making NOT to do is, do not become discouraged if a job does not instantly pop in your lap. Take the time to research your field and the things you should do to secure a position. If you don’t find a job right away, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Landing the job of your dreams takes time. Don’t rush the process but don’t become lazy and lose your motivation.  It will happen for you as long as you work hard and remain focused.

Good luck!

– Shanae

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