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I’ve decided to focus my attention on reality TV stars and branding for today’s blog topic. I have recently watched the explosion of some people’s career from reality shows and I’ve also watched these shows affect a career negatively. Personally I think that reality TV is a platform and some choose to use it as such, while others do differently.
Leneethia “NeNe” Leakes is a great example of someone who has used their platform from the reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta to create other opportunities in the show business. Her wild outgoing ways landed her in the public eye but her savvy business mind and branding investments have helped get her into the Hollywood business. Using reality shows as a platform has become an enormous trend. Some succeed and others don’t.

When people have platforms to market themselves worldwide it would be in their best interest to use the platform to do such. A word of advice to those in the reality business would be to take advantage of the platform and grow your brand.
Growing your brand can mean anything from altering your image to building business and products for consumers. A platform of this caliber surrounds you with individuals that can advance your career or put you in the public eye where more opportunities come about. Take those opportunities stemming from this platform to build an image, business, or financial stability.
While so many people have been introduced to us through reality shows not all decided to take the opportunity to make their situation better. Other decides to use the platform in from of them to be better and richer. It is very wise to watch how you’re being portrayed. Branding is everything!
Carpe diem. Seize your opportunity. Use the platform you were given to create something great, bigger, and better!

 – Jasmine Lucas

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Telling Your Company’s Story

corporate story

Let’s face it, every company has a story! From the good to the bad or downright ugly, company’s stories will tell you exactly what that company is what they stand for.  So how exactly does a company tell a story to its audience so it’s interesting and really gets their message across? Here are some tips for making your companies story a good one.

1. A Strong Website–  Today’s media savvy generation are fast to online shop, Google the answer to a question, and even look for a career right from their desktop.  A company must keep up with their website in order to attract possible thousands of web viewers a day.  Make sure the website really represents who you are as a company.  The content, navigation, and look of your website must be intriguing to keep people coming back!

2.  Visualizations- Each company or business has its own logo, trademark, slogan, or catchy phrase that when someone sees or hears it knows automatically what company it is.  Choose a logo fit for your business that is easy to remember and can really connect to the business your company offers.

3. It’s All About The Color Scheme- In addition to creating a logo, a strong color scheme should be decided for your company.  These will be the two or three color combinations used throughout your business that will evoke a particular emotion in your audience.  Do your research to see what emotion each color represents.

4. Physical Appearance- YOU are a huge representation of your company as well.  When in meetings or handling professional company business, look presentable and polished!  You are a walking representation of your company and represent the face behind the operation.  If you aren’t put together, chances are people may not invest time in getting to know your company.

These are just a few tips to telling your corporate story! Remember every story is different so stay true to who you are and making sure a piece of yourself is etched into your company’s storyline.  Hopefully these tips will help make your companies story a good one!

– Teneshia Smith

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PR Cafe: Brand Investment And Why It’s Important

When you hire a PR firm, they are the second most important entity that will represent your brand. Right behind you. #PRCafe

Yesterday’s PR Cafe discussed the importance of brand investment for businesses. Follow the conversation here.

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What You Need to Know to be Effective for Your Hospitality Clients

This week’s PR café discusses restaurant PR so I thought it would be perfect to blog about restaurant PR. Now, I have found that many small restaurants have some of the best tasting food but don’t profit a lot and eventually end up closing. I contribute their demise to the lack of public relations tactics. I believe that no matter how good your food is, it takes a savvy PR practitioner and strategy to get you a client base and customers. It’s easy to say that your restaurant failed because of the economy but the reality is that your strategies and planning for your company weren’t sufficient. This is where the PR practitioner comes in. A public relations person offers great advice and tactics to get your business running effectively.

As a practitioner, we know what people want and like, we know what attracts people to a business, and we know how to get people in the door. Having a PR person on staff can help bring clients through business promotions, flyers, postal solicitation etc. sometimes small businesses neglect to hire PR pros because they feel they don’t need them. Small, alone standing, restaurants believe that it’s over the top to hire someone. But, it can be beneficial to a small business to have a public relations practitioner to attract those demographics that weren’t initially targeted. It is the job of the PR person to bring in as many paying customers as they can.

Practitioners will discuss new ventures and branding ideas for your restaurant that people want to see. They will create strategies to enhance customer service and soliciting. They’ll create specials and nights for fun to the public participate. This is how you gain regular clients. This only get the public in the door while the service and food “wow’s” them to return. Small businesses like family restraints are also subject to lawsuits and allegations. Public relations practitioner would also be needed in this case to prepare and fix these problems. There are more reasons than one on why to hire public relations practitioner for restaurant pr.

-Jasmine Lucas

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Conflict styles and Communication

In both personal and professional settings, conflicts arise and may hinder progression and growth!!! Conflict styles are the way people handle different situations whether good, bad, or indifferent. One should know how to communicate through conflict and the styles of conflict especially when running a business or organization because internal communication will affect the external! Here are the five different conflict communication styles and tips on improving communication in an organization!

Conflict Communication Styles:

  1. Avoidance- Show’s little concern for your own or others needs. Usually there is little to no verbal communication between employees in order to get the job done. May avoid the situation.
  2. Accommodating – Working to fulfill the needs and meet the requirements of everyone else but your own. Usually means taking on projects alone or putting in most of the effort.
  3. Competition- Looks at every project as a way to win, come out on top, or be right in the situation.
  4. Compromising- Both parties come together however usually both parties needs aren’t met so no one wins in the outcome. Both parties are sacrificing for the greater good of the organization.
  5. Collaboration- Reaching a solution or outcome where all employees are satisfied and all needs are met.

These five conflict styles may appear in an organizational setting and should be handled accordingly. The most effective conflict style is collaboration because the organizations needs are met as well as the employee’s.
When handling conflict in the work place here are three tips to remember

1. Works to make sure everyone’s needs are met- Don’t satisfy others without satisfying yourself. A good work environment means EVERYONE agrees with the outcome.

2. Be aware of both verbal and non verbal communication- Communication is not just what you say but any type of interaction you have with others. Be mindful of body language, face expressions, and any other forms of communication in order to get your point across.

3. Keep an open mind- An organization is made up of more than one person, so try to take into consideration that it is a team effort! Team work makes the dream work!!!!
– Teneshia Smith

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From Jeans and Trousers, to Backpacks and Bags

As a young professional, not only is there a priority of style but most of us are on the search to find current trends and the latest pieces at affordable prices. When entering the workforce one thing on our minds is what to wear?

Upon graduation many of us find there is a shift in the needs of your wardrobe. We go from waking up and heading to school, to waking up and preparing for interviews, beginning our careers or even continuing an internship. It is important to portray a clean and positive image when going on interviews and also feeling comfortable upon arrival. Making the shift into the professional realm, it is vital as young people we carry ourselves in a professional manner from the way we look to the things we say.

Knowing many of us are entering the workforce and on a limited budget, it is essential to invest in core items that can be interchangeable on a daily basis. Here’s what I suggest you invest in:

  • Pencil skirt– Many of us women want to wear skirts and dresses. As a professional be sure to have a skirt that is the appropriate cut and style for you. You will find this in a pencil skirt.
  • Basic suit– Choose a solid color that is most fitting for your wardrobe or style and invest in a suit. Those pieces will be able to be used together and separately.
  • Blouses- Invest in a variety of tops that can be worn under your suit. Button down tops in a variety of colors; bring in your personality with tops that have added pops of color and interesting cuts.
  • A pair of comfortable heels- These shoes need to get you from point A to point B. They need to be able to be worn for hours upon hours and they need to be functional. I suggest purchasing a basic black or brown that will compliment the rest of your basics.
  • The bag- You need a bag that is accessible for you to bring your resume, samples of your work, presentations or whatever is expected of you. Find one that is stylish and realistic in size.

These are the basics for you to begin your professional wardrobe. With time you will begin to add to your collection. In the meantime, buy these basics and also add small touches of your personality.  Wear a set of earrings that compliment your blouse or a colored heel that follows a current trend. Rediscover yourself in a professional setting and find what works for you.

Check out these blogs to help along the way; they cover the latest trends, provide great suggestions and cover the Do’s and Don’ts of a successful professional wardrobe.

  1. Corporette
  2.  The New Professional:
  3. WorkChic Blog
  4. The WorkingWardrobe
  5. CubicleChic blog

-Erica Glotfelty

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Healthy Hair Habits and the ADs that Support Them

Whelp Folks it’s that time of year again!  As much as I love fall and winter seasons, I have to admit this time of year can be challenging when it comes to HAIR!! No matter what kind of hair you have (frizzy, straight, curly, natural, relaxed, etc.) Cold weather can take a toll on our hair, how healthy it is, and how we wear it.

Marketing and advertising companies and departments understand the importance of communicating the benefit of hair products during this wintry time.  Let’s explore some of the healthy hair habits showcased in advertisements and campaigns.

  1. The Right Product: Remember that hair like skin reacts differently depending on the products used.  Find which product works best in providing your hair with the nutrients, moisture, and TLC it needs. It helps if you know any special allergies or conditions you may have in the scalp.  I find products without sulfate are best for natural hair, but again it depends on the person. Trial and error; find what works for you
  2. Protect Hair from the elements:  Fall and winter season may be known for their holidays and cute fashion trends, but they also bring lots of rain, winter storms, cold winds, and even hail! Your hair is just as sensitive as the rest of your body so remember to wear your hats scarves and other types of head gear when bracing the weather (I recommend tons of cute winter hats.)Your hair protects you head but whose protecting the hair?
  3. Step Away from the dryer: Yes it is cold.  Yes it is a hassle to step out of a cold shower with a head of wet hair.  However, many people do not know how damaging a blow dryer can be to hair on both the roots and the ends.  Extreme heat may cause split ends or damage the incoming growth of hair.  Using big fuzzy towels, soft cloths or air drying are the best ways to prevent heat damage.


Now here’s a list of products whose marketing techniques and well devised commercials and advertisements are great at persuading their target audience with exclamations of solving any hair care problem (and are under ten dollars!!)

No.10:  Herbal Essences Hydralicious Reconditioning Conditioner, $3.99

No. 9: Pantene Relaxed & Natural Intensive Moisturizing Conditioner, $5.99

No. 8: Dove Flexible Hold Aerosol Hairspray with Natural Movement, $4.99

No. 7: Infusium (Moisture)ologie Shampoo, $6.99

No. 6: Pantene Purity Clarifying Shampoo, $5.65

No. 5: TreSemme Revitalizing Conditioner, $3.89

No. 4: Dove Advanced Care Sheer Moisture Conditioner, $3

No. 3: Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, $4.99

No. 2: TreSemme Tres Spray Super Hold Hairspray, $3.49

No. 1: Giovanni Frizz Be Gone, $8.99


Hopefully these tips will help for the cold days to come! Happy Hair Hunting =)

Teneshia Smith

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